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             "Using good sportsmanship in Everyday life 
             Do you want to get hit on the head with a flying elbow because the other team lost? Of course not! No matter the age you can be faced with this threat. You should not ever get smacked with a elbow, but every sport has its bad sportsman. The reason may be that they don't understand sportsmanship.
             One way I can help others understand sportsmanship is by setting a good example. This past summer some of us were playing football. Jonathon, a guy from the other team, hit me really hard. This hurt a lot. I got back up and continued playing. Later one Jonathon fell down. I went over and helped him back on his feet. I hope I helped Jonathon understand sportsmanship.
             Another way I can help others is to encourage them to learn from their mistakes. Do you know when you make a mistake you should try not to make it again? It is the same way in sports. Let's say a baseball player yells at the umpire because he called the player out. I as a friend could explain to him that yelling at the umpire was wrong but to learn from that mistake.
             The best way I can help others is by to talk about how to promote good sportsmanship. My main target would be parents and students. I could put a paper together over good sportsmanship in action. I could show it at a school ballgames, during half-time.
             Good sportsmanship should be used in the home as well. A family is like the team. Mom and Dad are the coaches, and the children are the players in the game of life. A household cannot work if the "team  is fighting. No meals will be cooked, the house will be all messy, and nobody would get anywhere on time if the "team  doesn't work together. A family has to show good sportsmanship in order to function in everyday life.
             If you're a bad sportsman you can change! All you have to do is just remember when you're ma

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