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Leadership, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship

            ***Sports teach important lessons in leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship. How have you embodied these qualities on your team AND in your community? .
             I have learned some of the greatest, life long lessons through volleyball and basketball. Throughout my career I have developed skills on how to get along and work with many different types of people and personalities. Each new person provides an opportunity to demonstrate sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership. I have always thought of sportsmanship as one of the most important characteristics for a teammate to have. Sportsmanship is not just showing respect for your opponent, but also showing respect and appreciation for your teammates. One way that I demonstrate this is by cheering on and supporting my teammates. Saying "Nice pass Amber!", "Great set!" during a play, after a they make a mistake, or after a big win. No matter what the circumstance, I am always there to reinforce my support for them. .
             With sportsmanship comes leadership. Leadership does not have to come from a captain, it comes from anyone who is willing to step up and lead their team in the right direction to achieve their goals. A leader steps up in a time of crisis, and rises to the challenge. Leaders are aware of the situation and quickly think of the best possible solution. A leader has a continuous passion for their sport/cause/work. One effective way that I show leadership is leading by example. I lead by example by being the one in my group to step up and go first through a drill and using the best possible technique as best as possible. However, a leader is selfless, not selfish. Instead of boasting up my own individual skills, after completing my turn, I cheer and support my teammates as they go through the drill. .
             A team can have sportsmanship and leadership, but without teamwork the team will not succeed. If even one teammate lacks in teamwork, the whole team suffers.

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