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What Is Good Sportsmanship?

             Many adults and children have seen it. A professional football player scores a touchdown and begins a taunting dance celebration in the end zone. A baseball player is hit by a pitch and charges the mound. A basketball coach does not like a referee call and begins yelling in outrage, stirring up the crowd. In situations such as these, how can we provide the sports world with good sportsmanship?.
             Good sportsmanship is being able to respect all aspects of a sport or an event. It is where a player can stand tall after just being defeated or when a winning opponent is calm, not taunting or raving the losing side. Players get fouled all the time and a referee does not always call or see it, but that player who does not retaliate and not let it interfere with their focus demonstrates good sportsmanship. An athlete showing good sportsmanship also shows leadership and gives something for scouts to recognize. Students are always talking about going to this college and that college wanting to play sports or be in a club. What some of these competitors do not realize is that scouts or recruiting services look not only at your agilities but also look at your leadership or sportsmanship conducts. Ask yourself who is going to be more likely to get picked, the athlete with twenty goals and been in ten fights or the athlete who is team captain with nine goals? .
             Have you ever been to a sporting event and seen an athlete get fouled, but the referee did not call it, so the opponent fouled goes and fouls him back? Athletes feel if the referee does not call it, then it must be ok and then they go around doing it to other opponents. We see it all the sports out there that we watch or play. I know that I see this always happening in soccer matches. I will see a player push or use his shoulder or even holding his opponent and a referee does not always call or see it happening. Then next thing you realize, the opponent who was being fouled is out there trying to retaliate or doing inappropriate things to others what that player did to him.

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