Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evo

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Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution:

While in high school, we learned of a man who had changed the way people saw the world. Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution was one of the most controversial theories of the time. However, it is now accepted by almost everyone. But there are still are some who do not believe it to be true. They believe in creationism. Both are theories and both can be proven wrong. There is a difference between the two. Creationism is based on a belief, not on solid facts. Darwin's theory has solid evidence that can stand up to any criticism or doubt raised. Darwin's experiences are a testament to his genius. The Theory of Evolution is the only true explanation to our origins.

Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire on February 12 1809. His father Robert Waring Darwin was a physician and his grandfathers were Erasmus Darwin the famous scientist and Josiah Wedgwood the potter. Charles' early years seemed to have been happy and he showed a keen interest in rocks and plants as well as fishing. His mother Susannah died when he was eight and he became a boarder at Shrewsbury Grammar School. He went home regularly so he had the best of both worlds. Unfor

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