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How the Mass Media Impacts Our Lives

The media play an important role in our lives and influence us in many choices and things that we value in life. We definitely live in an information society, and many groups of people receive information and store it. As for me, I use the media in many different ways, whether it is watching TV or writing a research paper, the media is always going to be around us. When I am sitting down just to watch a TV show, I usually have nothing on my mind. But as I sit down, a commercial comes on the screen about a certain type of movie that is coming to the theaters. As my day turns into night, I began to decide what I am going to do and that is when I remember the ad about that movie. I usually then end up going to watch a movie with some friends and then that is how the media impacted me on that particular day. Another example of how I use the media, in everyday life, is a simple thing like driving and the many things that you observe while driving. As you drive down highways you see billboards that advertise many different things. For instance, let's say that I see a billboard advertising a certain type of cola. Well I coincidently find myself thirsty, and I go and get a soda pop, at a

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