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Paulus and Thebedi have known each other since they were children. Paulus is son of the owner of the farm where Thebedi comes to work later in the story. Paulus is a white boy, and Thebedi is a black girl. The time comes, and the white children are being sent to school, and even though the black children also goes to school, none of them ever get to be as well educated as the white children. As the children develop physically, the black children learn to address the white children as "master . Paulus falls in love with Thebedi, and even though she's black, he doesn't see her that way. When he comes home for the holidays, he brought her presents, and Thebedi also give him a homemade bracelet. The bracelet is admired very much by his friends at school. Meanwhile, a black young man, Njabulo, falls in love with Thebedi, and wishes that he could be the one that gave Thebedi the presents. Thebedi doesn't tell the other girls at the kraal (the

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