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The description of the purpose of our creation in the Quran is like a test,

whose results will determine our place in the life hereafter. Our life on this

earth is like an exam in which we study hard and get good grades in order to go

to the best college. Similarly, we do good deeds on the earth in order to have

good records to show on the Day of Judgment. We are sent on this earth for a

limited period of time, and by the end of time we will go back to our creator

(Day of Resurrection) and that will be the time when the test of our life will

be over, and we will get to know the result in the form of heaven or hell.

The Day of Resurrection is an event that concerns everything and all mankind;

it is an event that embodies the whole world. On this day the whole universe

will be destroyed and the dead people will be resurrected to stand in front of

God. This day will be the beginning of a life that will never end, and on this

day God will reward every person according to his or her good or evil deeds

(Muhammad). The day of resurrection is like a day when students get their report

cards and they get to know how they had been doing in the class and studies.

Similarly, the day of resurrection is going to be our result day when we will

get to know how we spent our lives on the earth. Arguments have been given

continuously made in the Quran for the occurrence and necessity of the

Resurrection and Hereafter. Muslims believe that without God, there would be no

creation, and without the test there would be no purpose for creation. Quran

states, "We created death and life that we may test which of you is best in

conduct" (Ali 51:56) therefore judgment is inevitable. The Resurrection is

referred by several names and expressions in the Quran, each signifying a

special condition and system ascribed to it. For example, it is called "the day

of resurrection," "the day of assembly

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