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Islam and the Holy Quran

            Islam is the second top religion in the world after Christianity. The religion Islam was came around the 7th century E.C. It originally started out in Arabia, which is now Saudi Arabia today. At that period of time the area where consisted various religions and gods besides Islam, It was a combination. It traveled throughout the world from Arabia to India, China, North Africa, and Spain. Islam is a monotheistic religion. Islam is an Arabic word, which means "Submission" and derives from a word meaning "Peace." Muhammad is the prophet and the messenger of Allah (God). .
             Muhammad the Prophet of God .
             Prophet Muhammad is the main prophet in the religion and was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. 571 A.D was the year was born. Muhammad came from a poor family besides that he had lost his father before he was born and his mother after a while he was born. Muhammad's uncle raised him. As he grew up he was well known for genuineness, kindness, and honesty. When he was the age of 25, he got married. He worked as a merchant when he was married. Something came up that didn't seem right to him. He felt that something is wrong in the daily life that he lives. Muhammad had come to a conclusion that he would give up everything and find answers to his questions. At the age Muhammad was 40 years old, he had a very first vision of Allah. He saw an angel who gave him a book and asked for him to read it. The angel was angel Gabriel that asked him to recite "In the name of Lord." It continued for 23 years and which is now the Holy Quran. He was given the book to teach others about the religion. .
             Holy Quran .
             The Holy Quran is like what Christians call their holy book a bible. The Quran a book consisting the same exact words revealed by Allah that went through Angel Gabriel and then passed on to Prophet Muhammad. It was memorized by Muhammad and passed on to his people. It has 114 surahs and over the periods of time not one word has been changed.

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