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Christianity And Islam

            Christianity and Islam, it seems as though the two have been in constant struggle for most of their lifetime, their differences are vast and well documented. On the other hand, what most lack to see are the commonalities that the two religions share. If we better understand both what the differences are and what is shared by the two, there is no need for this constant struggle to continue. If differences can be accepted, and commonalities shared, there is no reason why the two religions can't coexist, in harmony.
             Christianity is a religion derived from the many teachings of Jesus. Christians believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God. The religion dates back over 2,000 years and including all its branches is the largest religion in the entire world today.
             Islam in Arabic means: "Submission to the will of God". Islam is founded upon the teachings and writings of Muhammad, dating back to 622 A.D. Of the world's major religions, Islam is the youngest. In 1990, there were 881 million Muslims around the globe making it the second largest religion, next to Christianity.
             One of the most obvious differences between the two religions is the Holy Book that each maintains. For Christians, the Word of God and all of Jesus" teachings are contained in the Holy Bible. The Bible is comprised of 46 Old and 27 New Testament books. Different from that of the Christians is the Holy Book of Islam, known as the Quran. Islam believes that the Quran is the message of Allah, or God. It's believed that Allah has revealed himself to man through prophets. These prophets include Noah, Abraham, and others, many of whom can also be found in the Bible. In the Quran, unlike the Bible, there are only three books. These Books are: The Law - attributed to Moses, The Gospel - attributed to Jesus, The Quran - attributed to Muhammad.
             Looking at the Holy Books of each religion, there are two things that can be stressed.

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