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Christianity or Islam a Very Good One

             Religions are accepted as a way of life and a belief that is followed by millions of people all around the world. Religions are followed by rules which are written in holy books, such as Koran for Muslims or the Bible for Christians. These rules are mainly set by one power and that is accepted as the creator of the universe. A being accepted as the only, perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe (God) in three main religions, which are Judaism, Islam and Christianity. If you ask what religion is, you may not necessarily get the same answer in India, England, China, South America or anywhere around the world. This is because every country, community and culture has different beliefs about religion. Some cultures believe in different symbols or people existed in the past as their God. "Religions, by which are meant the modes of divine worship proper to different tribes, nations, or communities, and based on the belief held in common by the members of them severally. . . . There is no living religion without something like a doctrine. On the other hand, a doctrine, however elaborate, does not constitute a religion." --C. P. Tiele (Encyc. Brit.). However in every religion God is the one that is worshiped, idealized, or followed. Followers of these religions utter or address a prayer or prayers to God, a god, or another object of worship. In order to ask and find inner piece and feel the confidence that they are doing the right thing and fulfilling their debt to their creator. "Religion . . . means the conscious relation between man and God, and the expression of that relation in human conduct". --J. K ["o] stlin (Schaff-Herzog Encyc.) all the people around the world who do believe in a religion feel obligated to follow the religions rules which include the faith, traditions and ethnic identity . In some cases this may be extreme or mediate. However in a way everyone has some faith to an extend to the creator and his rules of judgement.

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