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            When I mention Islam, I am not only concerned about its young age,.
             but its way of life, a concept that encompasses every aspect of.
             one's life from beginning to end. Islam, the newest and second largest.
             faith, influences many parts of this earth. Originating in Saudi Arabia,.
             the religion is based on one book, The Holy Quran, the final word of.
             Allah (god). Prophet Muhammed, in Islam, was the last messenger of.
             god. His life is one that Muslims should follow. The Holy Quran,.
             outlines every Muslim's life. This outline, provides guidance from whom.
             to marry to how to mourn a loved one's death. The Holy Quran.
             dictates a religion based on unsurpassed knowledge, fairness, and.
             equality. Equality, as described in The Holy Quran, "O mankind!.
             Reverence your Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single person,.
             and created of like nature his mate, and from them twain scattered.
             (like seeds) countless men and women (4:1)." The Holy Quran.
             enforces the idea that all men and women were created equal,.
             regardless of origin, race or wealth. The fact that Islam gives women.
             equal rights, but not identical, shows that it takes her into due.
             consideration, acknowledges her, and recognizes her independent.
             personality. Despite these ideas, many so-called "Islamic" countries.
             have alienated many of women's god given rights.

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