vindication of right of women

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vindication of right of women complet essay

In Mary Wollstonecraft ¡ ¯s Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Wollstonecraft gives a rather lengthy description of how women ¡ ¯s rights are being hold back by the "exclusive judges" of society, and men. She criticizes the idea that women are, in the eyes of men, inferior and should be educated accordingly. Wollstonecraft feels that by limiting women ¡ ¯s education, the society designed for men to be a ¡ °bread winner. ¡ ± The society is becoming weak due to only half of its inhabitants receiving enough education. She also argues that women should be equally treated as man. She said give it chance to women to empower that they can successes. An important secion in her argument that if women receive more equality, it would only improve society. According to Wollstonecraft ¡ ¯s tyranny of man, have been bought forward to prove, that the two sexes, in the acquirement of virtue, ought to aim at attaining a very different character; or, to speak explicitly, women are not allowed to have sufficient strength of mind to acquire what really deserves the name of virtue, education, right to vote, holding property, divorcing and child custody. By receiving an education,

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