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Mary Wollstonecraft - Working for Women

            Wollstonecraft wrote a book titled "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" it focuses on how women should be declared, the same rights as men to an education, as well as other civil opportunities. Wollstonecraft was born in London 1759. Mary's father Edward John Wollstonecraft bullied and mistreated her mother. This helped her to write the books she wrote to help women, simple because she grew up in a home watching her mother being treated unfair by her father. A Vindication of the Rights of Woman begins with a dedication to Talleyrand asking him to reconsider his view about women and girls education. Women are not prepared by education just to be a companion for men, but they can be so much more, if they are allowed a chance by society. I believe if women and men are educated equally they can understand each other better on all levels, not just husband and wife.
             In "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman", Mary helps the reader to understand how educating women will help to strengthen their marriages. The partnership between husband and wife is a marriage. Marriage is a social contract between two people. (Man and woman) In saying this I believe a woman needs to have equal knowledge and sense, to help keep the marriage together. When women are educated then they can help to educate the children too. Educating women sole purpose was not intended to make them higher than men, it just helps them to fully understand men and everything that is going on. This can help the men deal with less stress having someone that they can relate or talk to, referring to the wife. Marriages were the husband and wife are equally educated tend to last longer. Wollstonecraft tried to respond to writers like Rousseau and Gregory. Rousseau and Gregory felt that women were all fake and useless in society, Rousseau felt that women should not even be citizens. Women in Rousseau words where incapable of reasoning and only men could be trusted to exercise thought and reason.

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