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Women staying home vs. goign to work

             I am on a mission to take my recent study of the past and attempt to apply the knowledge and data to explain contemporary issues that face us, today. This paper will examine the development of women in the workforce. It will focus, in part, on all women endured to rise above and beyond the barriers of this advancement. After carefully scrutinizing the relevant historical past, I will address the important affairs that are under question in current events. The principal issue that faces us today is, are women moving backwards? After overcoming such a long-term struggle, many women chose to stay home to maintain their families and not take part in the labor force. Is history going to repeat itself? Will women be subjected to discrimination, as they were in the past? In other words, are we going back to our traditional ways? In this paper, I will argue that we are indeed progressing with our American society in reference to women's labor.
             Throughout history, Feminist movements emerged to fight for equal rights for women. These group efforts impacted to greater social, economic, and political rights since the 1800's. Women strived to overcome the stereotype of belonging and being limited to a domestic environment. Besides various marches, women wrote books and other types of literature to state the ignorance of women in society. For instance, "One the first feminist books was A Vindication of the Rights of Women written in 1762, by the British writer Mary Wollstonecraft. In her essay, Wollstonecraft pleaded for better educational opportunities."" Another significant attempt to overcome gender discrimination was the National Organization for Women (NOW), established in 1960's, that fought to end job discrimination for women. It is apparent that women worked hard, despite strong opposition to gain the opportunities available to them in the present day.

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