Measurement of Personality

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Title: Describe and evaluate any one approach to the measurement of personality

Historically, perhaps one of the most commonly held images of psychology is within the analyst's office, where the client lies upon a couch and explores their problems. This may involve the use of the Rorschach technique where the client looks at cards containing ink bots and tell the analysts what they contain. This technique is categorised as ╦ťprojective', meaning that the client puts their own interpretation on what the cards show. This essay will attempt to describe and then evaluate this approach to personality measurement. This will be achieved by explaining the procedure and rationale behind the Rorschach Ink blot test and will give a detailed description of the cards. The method will then be evaluated using psychological research including psychometric theory and a case study

In order to answer the question the first task is to find a valid definition of ╦ťpersonality'. Generally, when this term is used by laypersons, what is being discussed is the nature or temperament of the person. This may include behaviour patterns, which if understood, allows us to make predictions about the individual's responses

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