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Throughout the history of American cable television, a profound fondness toward liberalism has presented itself to the general public. Over the years, this bias has become a prized possession to liberal America's political arsenal. However, the days of conservative's tolerance to accept and live with such a partiality to the left are quickly fading. From the rise in popularity of the Fox News Network, this new found intolerance is shown through a refuge of viewers retuning to the channel that gives us "Fair and Balanced  coverage. A mass of viewers is migrating from other channels such as CNBC, CNN, and MSNBC and a realization that conservative movement is occurring within the media is taking hold. Commentator and columnist Patrick J. Buchanan supports with this statement:

Big Media remains a fortress of liberalism, but in the populist and democratic media--the op-ed pages, the Internet, cable TV, talk radio--where people have a variety of voices from which to choose--conservatives prevail

Looking behind the network, the conservative nature of FNN can be rested on its creator, Roger Ailes. From the time of its formal launch in early January of 1996,

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