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Compare and Contrast - FOX NewsBBC

            Although Fox News and BBC reported on the same topic BBC was a better article due to its references of past events and contacts in Cuba. BBC really focuses on prisoners. BBC makes it clear that this wasn't just a request to release these prisoners but this was a negotiation, without that information we would think that the United States was just getting something they wanted. Last BBC talks to representatives from the Island who are known activist, these sources are directly from the Island unlike Fox's references. .
             In the article that BBC writes it is referenced several times that there is some past history between the United States of America and Cuba. For example "Last month, the two countries said they would restore diplomatic relations severed since 1961." which shows that it has been 54 years since the two countries worked together an exact year is always important especially when it comes to things like this, because leadership changed in 2006 Fidel's younger brother took control as Cubas leader. Castro and Obama Co-operated and were televised together, this was something Fox did not mention in their article which is useful to know because it gives the reader more information to know that there is some sort of relation between each leader and their willingness to televise the event. Although Fox introduces very credible people as sources they introduce no one from Cuba itself only diplomats from the United States while BBC introduces Cuban commission for human rights the source is founded by political prisoners from Cuba.
             The BBC focuses on the prisoners being released with just a few subtopics of information about the relationship of both the United States and Cuba. With that BBC really offers a lot of info about the prisoners except than their names, for example 17 prisoners were released before the historic deal between the United States.

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