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Arranged Marriages

Would you ever consider getting married to a person you never meet or just seen

once? Most probably no, but this happens to many young males and females throughout

India and other countries. Arranged marriages are now and have been heated debate in

certain cultures. Arranged marriages have many young boys and girls to destroy their

lives, but to others it is considered the most reliable way to find a life partner. Even

though today's Western society believes in love marriages, parents in many cultures

disapprove of love marriages for their children. It's very difficult to judge whether

arranged marriages are good or bad since they have both positive and negative effects.

An arranged marriage is when parents, or eldest male in the family, chooses a

partner for a young boy or girl. In some situations an aunt, family friend or relative finds

a partner for the child. Arranged marriages are practiced all over the world, mainly in

Hindu and Sikh cultures. It does not matter how westernized India or other countries may

have become, arranged marriages are still practiced. Arranged marriage is basically an

agreement between two families rather than two young people. The first stage is the

search for matching horoscopes. The second stage is when the boy begins seeing the girl,

and visiting each others families and making decisions over the dowry. Then the families

fix the date for the engagement. After that, the boy and girl are allowed to go out and

make a connection. During the engagement, a date is fixed for the wedding. In the past,

an arranged marriage simply meant that the parents choose the partner. Nowadays, the

parents will suggest the person they feel is suitable for their son or daughter. If the child

approves after meeting the person and a brief interview then it's final. In some cases, the

children may even tell their parents

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