Ecology Report

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With fossil fuels near depletion alternative sources for a fuel will be required. As it is, we rely on coals, oils, and natural gas as the three main types of fossil fuels. As technology increases other options becomes available. Such as solar energy, wind power and moving water. These new sources of energy will soon have to replace the traditional fossil fuels as the main source of energy.

The reason we must turn to other sources for energy is because the fossil fuels are non-renewable. Meaning once they are used, they cannot be used again. Fossil fuels form from the remains of plants and animals millions of years ago and take a very long time to form what we use as the fuel. These fuels are currently supplying 93% of the world's energy sources, while the other 7% is coming from the renewable sources. The problem with fossil fuels, other than they will eventually be gone, is that when we mine for them, we harm the environment. Also when we burn fossil fuels, they emit greenhous

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