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Careers in Geography

             As a geographer, there is a great deal of flexibility providing the options of many different careers. Most people do not realize all of the opportunities a degree in geography can give you. To start off, geography is the science of place and space. Some questions asked by geographers are ones such as, where things are located and why they are located where they are, and how people interact with their environment and one another. The two main branches are human and physical geography. The human aspect is concerned with human existence where as the physical aspect deals with climate, land form, soil and water patterns. They also take a close look at the links between natural systems and human activities. A major in geography provides a student with marketable skills and the ability to see the different perspectives on both the environment and society. It also provides a strong foundation for students who chose to work in a variety of different fields from business to medicine to law. The following are just a few of the many different career branches in geography, and it will be evident how they all relate in the categorically in the field of geography.
             Cartography is a very important and vital field of geography. A Cartographer is a person who makes maps using precise tools, aerial surveillance, satellite mapping, and Geographic Information Systems A map has been traditionally defined by geographers as a "representation of things in space," a definition that implies a certain level of physical correspondence. Maps are used by people every day. Whether it be for directions, or locating a specific point, they help people in many different situations. They are used to navigate for travel, used by people of all sorts. The cartographer selects only the information that is essential to the map, and that is suitable for its scale. Maps use symbols such as lines, points, area patterns and colors to convey information.

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