6 Reasons For Confederation

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Political Deadlock Led To The Great Coalition In The United Provinces Of Canada.

Canada West and Canada East were a part of Colonial Provinces. They both had an equal number of seats in the Legislative Assembly. Because different regions had different problems, more troubles and disagreements were made between.

There were four parties in the Legislative Assembly: two from Canada West and two from Canada East. The coalition government in power had difficult time getting majority of votes to pass legislation. That led to a political deadlock, and often changes in the government.

George Brown was the one that agreed to work with him political enemies, which formed a Great Coalition. There were tree out of four parties in the Legislative Assembly of the United Provinces of Canada that agreed to work with him

A railway linking the colonies was needed to increase trade and to move troops.

By 1860's Canada West, Canada East, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick had its own railways, but none off them joined the actual colonie

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