labelling Theory

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There are many views regarding human deviance, one of such is seemed by Howard S. Becker as an ╦ťoutside' behaviour. He shared the same view of deviance with a group of humanistic sociologists such as John Kitsuse and Kai Erikson. Deviance was interpreted as a labelling theory or should have referred as symbolic interaction theory (which was known generally to analyze the social psychology of human behaviour) Becker's interpretation of deviance is as an ╦ťoutsider', who does not conform to the conventionalist norms . In order to view the labelling theory in closer detail; we shall examine the symbolic interaction theory. The theory's belief is that human being has feeling, conscious, thinking, and is a reflective subject, thus human behaviour is not a static entity but rather a dynamic action that occurs in the fluid and ever-changing context of social interaction. An example, when people interact with one another, they ascribe certain meanings to one another's acts, in which they can rely on those meanings to react toward one another in the future. Consequently, one's action will lead to another's future behaviour . Following from that, Blumer stated tha

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