Henry VIII

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1. What problems did Henry face during his rule?

Henry the seventh faced many problems during his rule; he was surrounded by enemies, troublemakers and rivals. The main problem was that many people were attempting to commit treason and replace the monarch. A few of these people were the ňúpretenders' to the throne. These were people who would say that they were one of the Princes in the tower and claim to be the rightful owner of the throne. These people were usually Yorkist supporters and they would gather many more supporters and rise up against the King. Being a Lancastrian, he was hated by half of his population. There were two main ňúpretenders', Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck. Both of them brought huge risings and troubled the King. Lambert Simnel was the first to rebel and did not have a very effective campaign but he was still punished. He was ordered to work in the royal kitchens t

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