Social Institutions

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Institutions such as friends, television, and the music have shaped me to act and be the person who I am today. I interact with these three institutions daily, and I feel that they have had many positive and very negative effects. Some effects include whom I hang around with, what I do in my free time, and how I present myself.

The institution of friends can be very versatile. Friends have shaped me to be who I am today. The common quote "You are whom you hang with  applies to most all people I have known. If you hang around with a certain click, then chances are, you are one of them. This may not always be a good thing, but it is most commonly true. Friends can affect your personality in many ways such as they could encourage you to dress differently (since physical appearance is very important to teenagers, this can have a large affect on teens), or do different activities, such as sports, fine arts, etc. The people who I personally hang out with are a

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