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The Sculptor's Funeral

The story "The Sculptor's Funeral" contains many examples of Marxist criticism. This story is set in the small town of Sand City, Kansas. Most of the people in

this town are greedy and materialistic. There are very few people who actually

understand Harvey Merrick, and nobody else likes him because they can't

understand him. They considered him to be a failure because he wasn't overtaken

by the need to have more money or more possessions. Even his mother considered

him a failure because she didn't understand him. Harvey Merrick's mother was

one who had been taken by greed in the small town. The way she expressed her

grief seemed a little insincere and like too much of a performance “ especially

because she then yelled at the maid for something stupid. His father showed

real grief and I think it was because he, unlike others, understood his son on

Harvey Merrick went to college in the east with Jim Laird who had also intended to avoid coming back home, but Laird did return and was overcome by the

greediness that he had purposely tried to avoid. Unlike the rest of the

townspeople, Laird knows that Harvey was more successful than any of them.

People putting Harvey Merrick down for a while before Jim Laird finally yelled

at them for being so ignorant and then left before they could come up with a

Harvey Merrick's success was seeded in his happiness and contentment with how he chose to live his life. Anybody in the town of Sand City who had found real

happiness like that was treated like a second-class person. They were the

people that everyone else talked about because they had the strength to not

conform. As Jim Laird pointed out, the way that these people were treated often

led them on a path of self-destruction, and the same thing would have happened

to Harvey Merrick if he had come back to Sand City.

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