Employee Dismissal-Appropriate & Inappropriate

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Firing an employee. That sounds like a pretty simple thing to do doesn't it? Well if you think that's true then you are in for a surprise. Employee dismissal is becoming a very complicated affair. It's not as simple as leaving a pink slip on an employees desk anymore. Employee dismissal is a very serious matter and if it's not done properly it can be very costly for your business. Every manager will have an employee who doesn't fulfill their job the way that they should, which means that every manager should have the proper knowledge of how and when to fire an employee. In this paper I will go over the difference between properly firing an employee and wrongful dismissal of an employee. I will also help you to learn how to make firing an employee as pain free for you and them as possible. What do you do with a lousy employee? An under performing or troublesome employee can be a costly disturbance and weaken the work and spirits of other employees. But be careful in disciplini!

ng an employee. Pink slipping or disciplining an employee are actions that employers must take after careful consideration, making sure that the actions stick

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