A Mother

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Economic Status and the Maternal Figures in No Matter What and "A Mother 

From as early as the days of ancient Rome and Greece your economic status and place in society determined what kind of life you and in turn, your family would lead. It also determined the expectedness of the offspring of the family. In "A Mother  by James Joyce and No Matter What by Mary Saracino both of the matriarchal figures are on different spectrums of economic status. Mrs. Kearny in "A Mother  does not have to worry about where the grocery money is going to come from as Marie does in No Matter What. "I need grocery money. Don't be cheap this time.  (Page 94) Economic stress can lead to many things in a person's life. Economic stability has a lot to do with the happiness and comfort ability of ones life. Mrs. Kearny came from an economically comfortable background and therefore entered into a marriage with which she would again be economically comfortable. "She had been educated in a high-class convent where she learned French and music.  (Page 139) Marie Giov!

anni came from a poor economic background and consequently married into another poor economic family. In my e

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