Greek Ideal

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Philosophy has always been central to the Greek culture. "The Love of Wisdom , as translated from Greek, the art and the science of philosophy was born in ancient Greece and since then has found its way to Western and other civilizations. In a process of a never-ending inquiry into the subjects of science and humanities, philosophers were affecting multiple aspects of every day life. Their urge to obtain answers to questions that were central to human existence has influenced perceptions of arts, politics, ethics, as well as many other disciplines. Theories that were obtained from such wisdom-full investigative process were subjected to the critique of others and at the end idealized as widely accepted standards. Greek ideal, combination of idealized ancient Greek philosophies, has thus been formed. People united theories to apply them when deciding whether a particular society fits the Greek ideal. Some of the most prominent philosophers, who have contributed to defining the Greek ideal were Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Central to their schools of thought was concern with an ideal State. Concerned with the same goal, all three philosophers are arriving to similar definitions of ideal.

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