Method of Teaching Mathematics

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Methods of Teaching Mathematics

Teaching mentally challenged students mathematics can be a very difficult and

complicated task. There are numerous methods that teachers use to teach these children, yet

some are much more effective than others. There are different classroom settings that enable

students with mental handicaps to learn more effectively and others which hinder learning.

Guided learning is when the teacher goes through a step by step process of solving problems.

Self initiated learning is when the students tries to reach conclusions based on previous

knowledge. The Master Program and concrete to representational to abstract styles of learning

are two ways of teaching mentally challenged children. These procedures can also be applied to

other areas of learning. Certain methods of teaching mathematics to mentally challenged

students are more effective than others.

While there are three different types of classroom settings in which mentally challenged

students are taught, one setting allows the child to grow and learn more efficiently.

The first classroom setting is one in which the mentally challenged students are mixed in

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