One Child

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For my book review I decided to read the book One Child. Throughout the book I was able to pick out the types of behaviors exhibited by the main characters, the model used to modify the behaviors, the methods of instruction used, the support systems implied, and the effects that the child's behavior has on the surrounding environment.

Some of the behaviors exhibited by the main characters have compelled the author Torey L. Hayden to label her class as being the "crazy class . These behaviors applied not only to the children that were in her class, but also to the people that would be considered the support staff of those students. Peter had a neurological condition and, Tyler tried to kill herself twice. Max was diagnosed as having "infantile autism , and although no one had a positive handle on what exactly was Freddie's disability. One expert believed Freddie's prognosis was that he was "profoundly retarded , one stated it was autism, and another honestly did not know. Sarah was physically and sexually abused, and Susannah Joy was labeled as schizophrenic.

The behaviors in this classroom reflected the wide range of labels that each student held. Max exhibited finger

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