Serial Killers

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Thesis: Serial killers are very sick and distraught compared to others; this is greatly contributed to their awful mental psychology and their desire to inflict physical harm to other human beings.

b. Characteristics of Serial Killers

a. Background Information About Serial Killers

b. Typical Description of Serial Killers

c. Examples of Famous Serial Killers

III. Characteristics of Serial Killers

b. Family History/Childhood Abuse and Neglect

V. What serial killers think of what they do

b. Characteristics of Serial Killers

c. Personal Opinion of What Makes a Serial Killer

The number of serial killers is growing at an increased rate. People who go on ┬Łkilling sprees ┬Ł are considered to be serial killers. A serial killer is a man or a woman that has killed a number of people and generally, there is no tie between the people they murder. A serial killer kills because he likes to kill. There are no set characteristics that make up serial killers. Jeffrey Dahmer for example, did not grow up in a violent society and that is supposed to be a reason that people begin to kill. Dahmer had a nice, family orientated environment and society that he grew up in(Hickey 95). The question still remains: why do serial killers kill? Researchers today have developed a list of reasons behind serial killings. Some think that serial killers kill due to a chemical imbalance or because their genetic make-up is ... Continue Reading