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Sports Taboo

             The story I choose was the Sports Taboo by Malcom Gladwell. The word sports in the title caught my eye while I was flipping through the pages. I found the story very interesting and controversial. The essay begins with the subject why blacks are better than whites in sports. An example he gives is the track field. Before the sprinting and fast races belonged to the blacks and the long distance belonged to the whites but now both short and distancing running belong to the blacks. Gladwell tries to explain this reason. He goes as far as body structure. Blacks have more an advantage because they have stronger calves and better bone structure he says. The reason for there dominant in sports is because they lack opportunities elsewhere. Gladwell explains how blacks may dominate the sports field but when they are matched next to the whites in academic ability they fail miserably. His reasons are that blacks grow up in a worst environment then the whites. He does give examples such as S.A.T. scores.
             I do come in agreement with Gladwell and statements about how blacks are better athletes than whites. When I was in high school and I was on the track team. I saw that all our sprinters were black and we had a few black long distance runners and that went the same for the other schools. In my school though whites were not smarter than blacks. That’s because our neighborhoods are not that bad and most people live in a good environment whether you were poor or black. If you took statistics from larger cities you would find the whites to be smarter because the blacks grow in a worst environment and are largely poorer than the whites. .
             Gladwell did pick a controversial topic to discuss. Some people might consider him racist for saying this kind of stuff. But the reality it is true and nobody wants to discuss it because it is a hot topic.