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Homosexual and Heterosexual Males

            Homosexual and Heterosexual males have been thought to be completely different in the eyes of society. Although they do have obvious differences there are many things that are similar between these men. One of the most obvious similarities is they are both "men." Now that we understand that, let's look at some of the other similar traits these men have in common. Both the homosexual male and the heterosexual male enjoy sports. It is a common myth that the homosexual man does not know anything about or would be interested in sports, but in light of recent events flooding the news rooms of this country regarding professional athletes "coming out" that myth should go away. Sporting events are not just for the heterosexual man. .
             Here's one thing that all men like, both homosexual and heterosexual men enjoy sex. Sex is a common occurrence in human society. It helps reproduce the human race and it is also for widely used for pleasure. Although homosexual men cannot reproduce and sex is more centered over pleasure it is still sex. Sex has and will always be a part of a man's life, whether it is for pleasure or to reproduce, men like sex hands down. There are obvious differences in the way that it is preformed but that is a different topic for a different day. When standing side by side, you might not be able to tell the differences between a gay man and a straight man because of the physical similarities, but there are differences that set them apart. One of those is the most obvious on of them all, homosexual men like men and heterosexual men like women. Although their feelings of love and lust are the same, it is not focused on the same genders. Homosexual men are physically attracted to men and in studies done it has been proved that although they were born men, their brain has formed slightly different then an average male. It is said that the lobes of the brain are wired together to form better reasoning and decision making skills similar to a female's brain.

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