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            The topic of sexuality has created taboo debate since the time of the time of Mary Magdalene. Obviously the topic human sexuality would have progressed and views would have become more liberal like many things that evolve over time. Unfortunately, with regards to sexuality progression of identity and expression has been gradual. For this assignment I will provide explanations and evidence to the following questions: 1) Are there more gay males than lesbians at Penn State? 2) Are there more male bisexuals than female bisexuals at Penn State, why? 3) What evidence would you look for? Further I will analyze if the academic setting of Penn State University creates a substantially dissimilar situation than that of the United States as a whole. .
             When looking at a micro-situation, it is imperative that you look at the same situation both historically and at a macro-level in order to fully understand and appreciate the findings. Historically, it was believed that there were more lesbians than gay men, due to their ability to display public displays of affection. This notion changed when American sex researcher Alfred Kinsey changed this conventional view, by declaring this finding was based out of subjective interest. In 1948, Kinsey reported that 37 percent of their men had at least one gay experience to orgasm since puberty, that 4 percent of their men were exclusively homosexual, and that 13 percent of men had more homosexual than heterosexual experience for at least some three-year period between ages 16 and 55 (Dr. D'Augelli lecture). Due to masculine-centric approaches, according to Dr. D'Augelli's January 20th lecture, it was five years later that the Kinsey team analyzed women, and it was reported that 13 percent of their women had at least one homosexual experience to orgasm (vs. 37 percent for men); even including homosexual "experience" that did not lead to orgasm increased the figure for women to 20 percent.

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