Teaching As A Career

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For the last twelve years or so, I have been going to school. Every single day I find myself behind a desk doing schoolwork. Day in and day out it is the same thing, come to school, do some work, leave school to go home, and when I get home, I do even more work. But this year, I will be graduating from that atmosphere that I have become so accustomed to. When I leave high school, I will be attending a four - year college. College should be a wonderful experience for me, as I will be making friends that should last a lifetime.

After I graduate from college, I hope to find a job that corresponds to what I had majored in. In college I plan to major in teaching, possibly as a history teacher. History is something that I have always been really good at. As far back as I can remember it always came naturally to me. I never really had to study extremely hard in order receive a good grade on an exam. So, hopefully with my newly earned degree I will be able to go out into the work force and find some sort of teaching job at a school. But, I don't want to just teach at any school. What I really want to do is to teach at a high school. The level of intellect and maturity at the secondary level of le

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