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             Teaching, with its benefits and intellectual motives has risen to become one of the most sought after jobs in society. "9000+ teaching positions are filled annually in the Texas Gulf Coast Area." Texas Gulf-Coast Teacher Job Fair. Hispanic network magazine. 15 Vols. But even after taking such rewards into consideration, one might want to analyze how time consuming and emotionally draining teaching young people may turn out to be. Along with its rewards and demands, teaching is not only a potentially prestigious profession but also a very unique and sometimes life long career opportunity. Becoming a teacher has been considered one of the most demanding yet rewarding professions in the work force today.
             Exploring teaching has become a popular tactic in recent years for people to make a better decision on whether or not teaching is a career for them. Individuals, especially in today's society, tend to choose his/her career based on a variety of different reasons. For example: For many, enjoying new updated gadgets will lead for them to choose a career in technology. Teachers want to be, will start off by becoming teachers aids in order to get the feel as to whether or not they would enjoy working in that work place or environment. "Teachers aides held about 981,000 jobs in 1996. Employment of teachers aides is expected to grow much faster than the average all occupations through the year 2006." Farr, Michael J. America's Fastest Growing Jobs Details on the best jobs at all levels of education and training. 5th ed. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works 1999. People who have the skills to teach an individual and being able to properly use these skills should choose a career in teaching. Exploring any career before taking a job on it should be done each time you are looking for a career that you would enjoy.
             Although some people choose teaching as a career because they want to follow in the footsteps of former admired teachers or family members, the main reason usually is to be able to work with young people.

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