The Negative Side To Legalization Of Same Sex Marriages

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Legalization of same-sex marriages is a great idea and noble cause. Unfortunately due to preconceived notions about what marriage is by law makers and numerous religious groups it is doubtful that it will ever occur. I will be discussing the reasons why Proposition #69 cannot solve the problem and work as planned due to laws already in effect and laws being proposed to Congress currently. Also I will discuss the serious amount of violence which could occur, known as "Gay-Bashing", if there are open same-sex marriages permitted in the United States.

Proposition #69 cannot solve the problem due to laws already proposed to Congress. The "Federal Marriage Amendment" was proposed in July of 2001. The idea for a marriage amendment was raised in 1988 by an alliance of conservative Christian groups. The alliance incldes a 45-member advisory board that has a strong religious tilt, including leaders of black denominations, an Episcopal bishop, several Roman Catholic offic

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