Youth Gang Violence In America

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going home to visit the beautiful city of Austin, Texas. As a child, growing up there was a load fun. We had our share of harmless fun from time to time; mailbox baseball, cow tippin', and lots of small pranks of that nature. These days however, more than the populations has changed. Kids are a lot more wild now than in the past. On one of my weekend nights there, I was victimized. My friends and I had gone out for a crazy night on the town. At around one in the morning, we were ready to leave the club and head home. I told them to wait at the curb and I would run and get the car, which was conveniently parked in the alley at the rear of the club. When I entered the alley, I could see two silhouettes conversing in the corner. By the time I reached my car, they had already made it over to me. At first they seemed very polite and friendly, asking me for a match to light their cigarettes. Being the overly nice guy that I am, I dove into my car to find a match and cater to their needs. When I stood up from being inside my car, they had vanished. Next thing I know, EMT's are patching my head up. They took everything, my watch, my money, and my credit car

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