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Stopping Community Gang Violence

            It's hard to believe we can answer this question with a certain yes, but gang violence certainly cannot be completely stopped. In fact seems impossible to stop activities in gang violence from happening but there are solutions to minimize gang violence. Gang injunctions are court orders that attempt to address crime by prohibiting gang members and associates from things such as collaborating, public nuisance, and other criminal activities. Whether people are walking home late or wearing a certain color, many innocent people are harassed and become victims in a neighborhood that is occupied "turf" of an organized gang. Law enforcement implement Operation Ceasefire as a technique to stop the impossible mission of gang violence, however it doesn't address the root causes of why kids join gangs. There is too much room for reasons why kids join gangs such as education, economy, and racism aren't improved can lead to create gangs.
             How the economy is doing is a huge factor to the increase of gang violence around our major cities. The most noticeable reason why the neighborhood isn't doing so well is the low income immigrant parents. Most minority youths have parents who are immigrants or don't have enough education background which leads to minimum wage jobs or even less wages. This creates a problem in the household which both parents have to put food on the table and work multiple jobs and maintain the house. In the book, The Dream Shattered by Patrick Du Phuoc Long, "I have only a sister and a brother. I always felt lonely. Then I had opportunities to follow a few friends to their homes. At the dinner tables were their moms and dads and brothers and sisters. What a happy family life! As for me? I was by myself. When I was hungry, I cooked dinner myself, then ate alone in the kitchen. I felt sorry for myself [and] my life. [Kids like me] feel the same way." (Long 142.) This quote illustrate that growing up with no or little guidance can lead youths to choose the gang life to seek what they need such as security, power, and mentor.

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