5 Themes of Geography

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Chicago "The Windy City 

"The five themes of Geography are not all inclusive. They were meant to be. They were designed to provide a framework of basic geography that any teacher can apply to his or her class. That class be social studies; it might also be business or language arts. The expectation is that by teaching geography "across the curriculum  we are going to be more successful in developing geographic literacy among the inhabitants of this country than if we stick to teaching geography in a traditional single subject classroom. 

To me Chicago is much more than another big city in the United States; it is in my blood. My family moved from their native land of Ireland to Chicago during the great famine. So of course I would want to apply the 5 themes of Geography to the best city in the world, Chicago. Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, and one of the country's leading industrial, commercial, transportation, and financial centers. This city combines several different cultures and, there is truly no place like it.

Location- The absolute location for Chicago is 41n51 and 87w39. The relative location for the city of Chicago w

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