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            The Hungarians' television watching habits .
             Television came into being based on the inventions and discoveries of many men and scientists. The birth of television is the period of 1930's, in this time it was invented and at once perfected. World War II. halted nearly all television broadcasting worldwide, but the period after it, is considered as the last and final birth of television. Television sets were soon added to the 'must have' list. Since then, television has become a very important part of people's life. An average person gets most of his/her information from television, that is why it has got a great influence on everyone and it is very powerful means by witch people can be led. .
             The main goal of this research was to find out how much is the television present in the life of the Hungarians. Therefore it was important to get acquainted with their television watching habits. Besides the main purpose, the research discusses also briefly some effects of the television.
             Review of Literature.
             The research is partly based on other sources, and previous researches, that are introduced in this part. An important book related to this topic is Culture, Society and the Media. It discusses two related themes concerning the role and processes of mass communication in society. It also deals with topics like, theories of the media and society, cultural dependency and the mass media or how the media report race. This book gives background information about the world of the media, not only television.
             Media, Culture and Society - A critical reader, contains a selection of articles related to this theme. The book is not so closely related to the topic of the television, but it gives many interesting facts about the relationship between media and society and culture.
             The book Women watching television is more relevant to the topic of this research than the previous books.

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