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            It looks like Hungary is a nice place to be at, I've personally have had the chance to visit for a while. Anyways, according to the information I have studied to make this report, it looks like foreign firms and companies are the ones making all the money in this country. In 1997 alone, 3,200 new foreign firms were established.Foreign firms have taken over the Hungarian market, and most of them are in the automobile industry. You would still have to consider that technologically, Hungary is growing and expanding as well, so you could start a telecommunications business, if not,you should start to trade, because exporting, is also becoming very popular in this country. Budapest is their biggest city, and their capital as well, and its also a tourist attraction, so I personally think that it would be a great place to establish your business. A place that people have heard about or know about, and a very popular city when it comes to doing business. .
             While writing this report, I noticed the differences between the six dimensions. I personally think all of them are important, and that they define what the country is all about. For instance, politics give you a brief look of what the country has been like for the last couple of years, and when establishing a business you must know the legislative laws in order to be succesful. Culture is a very important factor, if you do not know what people like or want, you can't really focus on something to sell. Technology is one of the most important elements when it comes to a country, because like globalization, its taking over, every day something new is developed, and you cannot stay behind, or you will definetely loose on almost every single thing. Because of all the foreign investments made in Hungary, its technology is growing by the day, and when establishing a business, it is very important to keep up to date with all the technological innovation that is being created.

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