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Entrance Exam

             Recently it's been really faschionable for schools to make an entrance exam. Even some elementary school requir their future students to pass an examination. Talking about university exams it's the most challangeing.
             There is pressure from our teachers and parents to do well, and if we don't we feel a disappointment.
             The case is that the requiements don't meet the high school standards. Most of the universities expect foreign language fluancy while high schools merely give us intermediate knowledge of it. Low score on exam doesn't necessary mean that we had little or no prior preparation it only means that our knowledge, what we got, doesn't fit the one that the university expects. .
             Many collages make oral exam which is quite objective. It's hard to have a formula for scoring and a lot of time it depends on the board of examiners and the subject they bring up. I think nobody is perfect, so how can they decide whether the student would be a good teacher or not seeing him for only 10 minutes?.
             A lot of time you can't attand the university you would like to because your high school grades are not high enough. Why do you have to be good at math if you want to major in literature or history? Or why can't you be a good doctor with less knowlegde of geography?.
             Back in the time there was no entrance exam here in Hungary. Despite that great academics and scientists graduated from different univerities. I'm not sure they would pass the enter exams eventhough they were great minds. Without Teller Ede or Szilárd Leo Hungary wouldn't be known as much abroad.
             As we can see, making entrance exam is not the best way to check and get information about the student's knowledge and skills. It's a big responsibility for the examiner to decide if we would be a good proffesional, and exams can put so much press on us. But my question is will we all ever give enough reasons to the universities to quit examing us? .

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