Interperating The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

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In this excerpt of the novel The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks, Allie is the main speaker. In the beginning of the book she starts out as Noah's girl friend, and she then becomes his wife. At the time she is writing this letter she is old, probably about seventy or so. There is no reference to her physical appearance in the letter, but she does describe Noah as having speckles of gray in his hair at one point. I would imagine Allie to be wearing her pajama's when she is writing this letter, because she tells him in the note that she will soon be joining him in bed, and he is already sound asleep. Her posture is most likely hunched over a little bit because she is writing, and age has most likely taken its toll on her. Allie's social status has nothing to do with this letter, but I know that she is a southern socialite, and her family has money. (Now, nearly fifty years later, I'm not sure what their status in life was.)

The audience of Allie's letter is Noah Calhoun, her beloved husband and best friend. This is made very obviously because of the fact that it is a letter- and the first line is: Dear Noah. The relationship between Allie and Noa

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