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Nicholas and Alexandra

             Nicholas and Alexandra, both Czar and Czarina of Russia, had ups and downs throughout their reign. Their people were in revolt because the Czar would not give them what they wanted. They wanted food, peace, and money. The Czar just could not give them that, and as a result, the people went against him, and Communism erupted.
             Alexandra gave birth to a son, Alexis, and Nicholas was to announce the good news. The next day, he set a meeting with his advisors. They alerted him that there were many things the citizens wanted. They suggested he consider those needs. His mother even suggested him to abdicate. General Nickoloshis and Nicholas then went on to different matters. They talked about Alexis, Nicholas" son: he was discovered to have hemophilia. Nickoloshis then told Nicholas about a man he knew, named Grigory Rasputin, who could heal the sick.
             Kerensky, a demonstrative student at the time, wanted to start a revolt against the Czar. Even some soldiers wanted to join them. Other soldiers were being sent off to fight during World War I, and during the celebration, Nicholas" advisors told him that his son was bleeding. Hearing about Grigory Rasputin once again, Nicholas then called for him. Grigory then came and healed their child. His son, Alexis, was well protected from time to time after that.
             Meanwhile, the people of Russia began to build up and go against the Czar. They started to revolt against the city and steal food and money from stores all around: it was a Bloody Sunday. They stopped at the town square to be greeted by a line of soldiers. The soldiers immediately began shooting and slaughtered all of the rioters. Nicholas was never told about the incident until later. Hearing this, he did nothing.
             Years passed by, and the Czar and his family were all living and well. The Czar and his wife were still protecting Alexis from falling and getting hurt. Alexandra especially had a concern and worry for Alexis.

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