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             Olga Romanov.
             Nicholas II Tatiana Romanov.
             Anastasia Romanov.
             Alexandra Fedorovna Maria Romanov.
             Alexis Romanov.
             The Russian's hated Nicholas II because he said he was not going to go to war but he did. The Work Force was suffering with low pay and long hours. After a few workers were let go from a factory they When the procession of workers reached the Winter Palace it was attacked by the police and the Cossacks. Over 100 workers were killed and some 300 wounded. The incident, known as Bloody Sunday, started what became known as the 1905 Revolution. Most of all Nicholas II refused to compromise led to hit death. Another mistake was leaving his wife in control of St. Petersburg, she was German their enemy and she lacked knowledge in politics.
             Lenin Brought Socialism to the Russian where the government owned and dictated everything. Another name for this was Communism. The Russian's thought anything was Better than Czar Nicholas II.
             The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
             This treaty was about the Russian's peace and to regain Territory lost during the war which Germany had gained during the war. The treaty was between; Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey, for the one part, and Russia. They signed treaty to promote peace but after long bitter negotiations the Germans ripped up the treaty and said it was null and void and continued the war against USSR. Eventually they got back together and wrote some more treaties and the USSR had to give up Poland and Finland. Also they had to giver Georgia's Independence. .
             Czar Nicholas II son Alexis was sick with a genetic disease hemophilia which caused him to bleed uncontrollably.

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