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             Basketball is a sport loved by many people around the world. It is a very popular sport and in my mind it is growing in popularity. Some Version's of the game have been played since a long long time ago. The actual game that had a set of rules and regulations was made up in the earlier 1900's.
             From kids to adults, the sport is loved by many. There are many levels this game is played at. There is high school ball, college and the professional's. Obviously the pro's is the highest and then college and the lowest being high school. In high school basketball there are 3 different teams in most school's. There is freshman ball, junior varsity and varsity, varsity is the highest level. In a lot of schools there is IBA this is a league for people who can't play in the program in a conference with other schools or those who focus on other sports and want time for other things and just enjoy the sport to play once in awhile. In college there are different levels. There is D1, D2, and D3, D1 is obviously the highest and works it way down. You must be very good to get into a D1 college as like in any sport.
             Basketball isn't a very hard game to play if you just want to have a pick up game with some friends. You must dribble to in order to move and to get 2 points you shoot and make it in a basket. To get three you step out a little ways most of the time about 19 feet and make it from there. No tackling, hacking, obvious things that can't be done in a basketball game. You may not pick up the ball and dribble again or dribble with two hands for more then one dribble (the only time you can use two hands to dribble is to take a power dribble). If you want to play this sport in the levels such as high school, college and so on it can get very complicated with terms and what you need to know on how to play defense and offense.
             This sport may benefits for a person that plays hard. It's good exercise and benefits almost anything you can think of.

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