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the fun house

             In this chapter the author talks to us about Victors aunt and takes place near Tshimikain Creek. She tells us a bit about her life and the things she likes to do like make outfits of buckskin, beads, and loves to dance. She first starts telling us about his aunt that while she was sowing something her son had farted and scared this mouse from its hiding place and went up his aunts leg. .
             She was going hysterical and tried to take off her pants but couldn't manage to take them off because of her big hips. And her son and husband instead of helping her, they were on the floor cracking up while she was screaming to them for help. After her husband tried to help by kicking her in the leg to try to smash the mouse, but then the mouse then got even more scared of all the noise and screams that it finally left. While her husband and son still mocked her. I think this woman was never given the proper respect by her family who she supported and cared for day after day, and she lets us know this in the story by the way she expresses herself and how she reacts to her family. .
             The author also tells us in the story that both her son and her husband are drunks. She tells us that she used to give lessons at a dance studio to pay her way through college and also danced topless sometime in a bar in order to get food for the baby she had inside her. And before her son was born that she was always many nights watching over her husband who ended up in the hospital on the drive home from the bar. .
             Later on she tells us another part of her life, the part where she is about to have a baby. They are in the delivery room, which she describes as a madhouse or a fun house, (because everyone is shouting, the doctor to the nurses and his aunt while having the baby.) in which the title from the chapter comes from. The doctor has no idea what to do because he has never done that before and is asking the nurses for help.

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