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            The unsolved mystery of the last Imperial family of Russia.
             In this report, I will tell you about the last Imperial family. I will tell you about their life up until their horrible execution. Also, I will discuss Anastasia and the possibilities of what happened to her. .
             As with any story of a family, this one begins with a young couple falling in love. They would soon marry and have children. The one thing that sets them apart is that they lived at the apex of one of the last autocratic monarchies in the world with their triumphs and tragedies becoming the countries.
             In 1894, Nicholas's father, Tsar Alexander III had fallen gravely ill with nephritis. On October 20, 1894, Alexander III took his last breath leaving Nicholas at the age of twenty-six, Tsar of Russia. Alexandra became the truly believing Grand Duchess Alexandra Feodorovna. On November 14, Nicholas and Alexandra were married in a quiet ceremony in the Winter Palace. The new Tsar and Tsarina were unstable on their throne. They were in love and wanted to rule Russia with the love they shared. But Russia was changing, revolutionary activity was moving closer and closer to the surface, and autocracy was a dying institution. Yet they move toward the twentieth century with hope for the future. Nicholas continued his father's policies of suppressing reform and persecuting minorities. Socialist groups agitated for the overthrow of the tsar's regime and the creation of a classless society. The revolution of 1905 began when government troops fired on a crowd of workers who were marching to petition the tsar. This "bloody Sunday" caused peasant revolts, workers" strikes and naval mutinies. The Duma, a national parliament, was established, but was hostile toward Nicholas and he dissolved it after ten weeks. On November 3, 1895, their first child, Olga was born. She was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Nicholas was the closest with Olga out of all of his children.

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