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Life Changing experience

             There comes a time in life where we meet a crossroads to what is right, and what we are told is right. Standing up for what you believe is right or fair is very important, especially when it is done to another high figure of authority. This is because you seem brave enough to even question the mind of the authority at hand. Well, in many cases, people often forget what they really believe and follow a master mind. When I was faced with something I thought was wrong, I took a stand. .
             The summer after eighth grade, we took our yearly trip to Greece. This year was different. This year, we brought some of our Greek friends with us to visit our village. We decided one morning that we"d get a head start on our touring and woke up very early. We went to the village and everything was like a dream. The houses were quiet, the beach was calm and not a soul walked on the street. Later on in the day, we had gotten a little tired and needed a break from everything. By now, buses were bringing people in by the hundreds, the streets were crowded, and we could not find a bathroom. Eventually, we discovered a public bathroom that was not occupied by many women. We walked down the stairs of the bathroom to get there and we saw a man mopping and sitting there waiting for people to go into the stalls. We didn't think much of it, so we went ahead and did our business. I walked out of my stall, washed my hands, and could not find towels. Apparently, the man took the towel stack from the bathroom and kept it. .
             Cucuras 2.
             He was handing them out to the women simultaneously charging them to buy the paper towels from him. I was so furious. Not only did he steal the towels, but he tricked me into getting it by saying he was giving them to people and after using it, he asked me for the money that I "owed" him. Knowing me, I did not take anymore of it.
             Watching other women complaining about this ridiculous man, I took charge.

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